Responsive Service

Nothing can substitute for time and attention paid to your account.  One of the most important things you need to know and understand about your risk and insurance programs is what IS NOT COVERED.   In order to know and understand that you need us to spend time reviewing your account with you before and after policy issuance and renewals.  You need the kind of responsive service and attention that can highlight issues and areas of concern for you before you hit the ongoing perils that are the stuff of daily business life.  Not every risk is worth insuring, but might be well worth planning around and avoiding.  We take pride in providing professional services to our customers and we review our accounts needs in detail so that you can make informed choices.

One of our international accounts recently stopped a marine shipment prior to delivery because slow demand had left several warehouses’ full.  What logistics had not realized is that their standard marine insurance conditions void coverage entirely if the regular course of shipment is interrupted at the instructions of the owners of the goods.  Our reviews with risk management caught this problem and resolved it before a loss occurred.  Time and attention helps our clients.

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