Business Utilities Cost Review & Reductions

Business Utilities Savings Program

We Reduce Your Utility Bills Up to 50% with our Cost-Cutting Programs!

Whether you run a retail storefront, a factory, a clinic or an office of white collar workers, besides paying taxes, one thing is certain: ¬†you will pay utility bills. You can’t put the “key in the door” without these essential services:

  • Telephone and Telecommunication Services
  • Cell phones

Rising demand coupled with soaring energy prices has resulted in significant rate increases that really put the squeeze on bottom lines, but we can help! We’ll conduct an independent review of your bills, free of charge, to discover where and how they may be leaking money.

With constant rate and regulation changes the norm in the utility industries, most businesses don’t realize they’ve been overcharged until an independent review is conducted.

Our pay-for-performance service model means you only cut a check if we save you money – never for the analysis alone – a service some industry consultants charge thousands for!


The Target Client

  • Telephones and Telecommunications Services: ANY business with $500 or more of monthly usage.
  • Cellular Phones: ANY business with $1,200 or more of monthly usage.


The Value Proposition

  1. Analyze: We provide a FREE analysis of your utility bills. Our experienced analysts probe for hidden usage overcharges, the misapplication of plan charges, taxes, fess and more.
  2. Negotiate: When we find billing discrepancies, and we usually do, our experts will do ALL the negotiating for you. No aggravating calls to customer service, long wait-on-hold, or dealing with large energy company bureaucracies. You can sit back and leave the hardball negotiating to our experts.
  3. Recover: After we prove you have been overcharged and then negotiate and obtain a refund settlement from the utility company on your behalf, our fee is 50% of the recouped monies.
  4. Review: Our service does not end after we obtain your billing refunds. We take the time to review plans from your current and competing carriers, and suggest alternatives that will put them on a permanent path to lower payments.


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