Maintenance & Service Contracts Cost Review & Reductions

Business Maintenance and Service Contracts Savings Program

We Can Skim the Fat Off Long Term Service Contracts – Up to 30%

Here’s the Skinny


Service and Maintenance Contracts

In business it’s often the little things that add up over the course of the year to take an unexpected big bite out of the profit margin. Take service and maintenance contracts, for instance. The typical office contains computers, copiers, printers and all manner of electronic equipment. Industries like health care, printing, film and photography and food and beverage, just to name a few, have mountains of expensive specialty electronic equipment to keep in good working order. For them, service contracts are a necessary evil. And as often happens with services we just can’t do without, we frequently overpay.


Waste Removal

Waste removal is another area where costs are infrequently questioned and often inflated. Busy doctor’s clinics, volume restaurants and paper-heavy service businesses rely on contracted trash collection services to arrive on time and in the expected frequency to maintain ¬†acceptable levels of sanitation and order. Their business depends on it. But is garbage removal taking them to the cleaners?


We’ll conduct an independent review of your service and maintenance contracts free of charge. Our experts’ keen eye and sharp pencils will find the fat and trim it away!


Hidden miscellaneous changes, tax hikes and rate fluctuations are all too commonplace with equipment maintenance and waste removal services. Most businesses don’t even realize they’ve been overcharged until seeing the results of our independent review.


What’s more, our pay-for-performance service model puts your mind at ease. You only cut a check if we save you money – never for the analysis alone – a service some industry consultants charge thousands for! Here’s how it works:


The Target Client

Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Services Contracts: ANY business, No Minimums

Waste Removal: ANY business with $1,000 or more in monthly fees


The Value Proposition

  1. Analyze: We will provide FREE analysis of your client’s contracts. Our experienced analysts probe for hidden fees, the misapplication of contract rates, rate hikes, taxes, fees and more.
  2. Negotiate: When we find discrepancies, and we usually do, our experts will do ALL the negotiating for you. No aggravating calls to service providers, stall-till-you-fall tactics or dealing with endless paper pushing. You can sit back and leave the fat-trimming and “wrist slapping” to us! And you can be assured of all negotiations being conducted with best business practices by qualified experts.
  3. Recover: After we finalize the savings and negotiate and obtain a refund settlement from the contracted companies on your behalf, our fee is 50% of the recouped monies.
  4. Review: Our service does not end after we obtain your refunds. We take the time to review plans from your current and competing service providers and suggest alternatives that will put you on a permanent “low fat” contract diet!



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