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Litigation Management

When a company becomes involved in IP litigation, they rarely comprehend the time and effort required of senior management to participate successfully in the suit. IP litigation is a complicated battle of ideas and tactics, with differing motives and expectations, and is one of the most expensive types of litigation in the U.S. In order to maximize the probability of a successful outcome, your company must control the suit, the litigating counsel and the information flowing from that counsel. Senior management must be able to make intelligent decisions as the suit advances. With that end in mind, control and intelligent decision making, our Litigation Management services are included with Abatement and Defense coverage. We also offer this service on an hourly basis for risks not covered by insurance.

The service includes:

  • Assisting you in the selection of suitable litigating counsel;
  • Assisting you in negotiating hourly rates of litigating counsel, local counsel and any other services (electronic data mining, etc.);
  • Customizing and requiring agreement to litigation management and billing guidelines for selected firms prior to retention;
  • Monitoring of counsel’s invoices, making adjustments needed to comply with billing guidelines and making recommendations of payment;
  • Requesting regular verbal and written updates and explanations of any changes to counsel’s litigation strategy, as well as assisting you in monitoring strategy decisions;
  • Working to keep the litigating counsel focused on your case; and,
  • Supervising all litigation or other proceedings involving the lawsuit and attending any judicial or administrative hearings, if you so desire.

These services typically save our clients 20% or more in fees alone, not to mention increased decision making intelligence.

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