Entertainment Liability, Special Events and Production

Entertainment is not all fun and parties.  There is a complex web of liablity imposed by contract, by society and by government entities all of which has to be dealt with.  Additional requirements can be imposed by executive producers and studios and investors to protect their interests.  It is critical for the business side of Artistic endeavors to identify all of these obligations.  To plan to meet them in full.  To understand all of the contracting terms, and once reviewed and identified to get the risks funded or covered by financial products. 
It is “Best Practices” for the Business Managers and Risk Managemet personnel to meet and review issues regularly in the entertainment and merchandising operations.  Things change quickly in this business and we are committed to helping our clients manage ongoing changes in expected operations.  This can range from a press party being thrown at the MGM in Las Vegas to third party exposure to defective products and product recall.  It will all  need to be reviewed and controlled.
Productions run the gammut from pre-production development and prop fabrication and storage to inland marine and marine exposures as property is moved around.  Property includes not only owned property but leased & rented properties and equipment.  Addtional exposures includes the health and lives of the production teams & talent and fiduciary obligations to Studio’s and Investor groups.
We can help you meet the needs of Special Events,  Television, Video Production and Film Production.  We have the markets to deal with world wide merchandising as well as local production.  If you have questions we can help find you answers.   

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