Professional Errors and Omissions

Professional Errors and Omissions

As a professional your work product can come back to bite you, often quite unexpectedly. You need to know that real errors and omissions are covered and you have a defense against false and malicious claims.

Business Owner’s Package Policy

Business Owner's Package Policy

The FUN thing about BOPPS is that their coverage’s and extensions of coverage vary widely between insurance companies giving our creativity and expertise a chance to find you something excellent.

Entertainment Liability, Special Events and Production

Entertainment Liability, Special Events and Production

We work in a difficult environment where people are prepared to take advantage; and have been known to really abuse the legal process. That can make it much more difficult for Artists to operate freely, be creative and develop new projects. The right insurance coverages, risk avoidance techniques and adequate limits are essential. We can help.

Intellectual Property, R&D

Intellectual Property R&D

You have invested years and millions of dollars in pure and applied research to invent something new and valuable only to have your intellectual property stolen by a company you have been negotiating with. They have billions and you have thousands left for legal costs.  What do you do now?  If you are working with

Restaurants, Bars, Taverns & Dance Clubs

Restaurants Bars Taverns Dance Clubs

The dessert cook groped the new waitress who is screaming and crying in the kitchen; the bar tender has just gotten into a fist fight with an unruly rude customer; and the really big bouncer persuaded the valet attendant into giving him the keys to the shiny new Ferrari that a customer just valet parked. But, before you tend to that…

Commercial Auto Fleets

Commercial Auto Fleet

Automobile Fleets are an important cost center for our clients and represent far more than simple insurance costs. We can help.

Captive Insurance for Small and Medium Businesses

Captive Insurance for Small and Medium Businesses

There are risks which are too expensive to insure, risks too difficult to obtain coverage for with decent policy conditions or coverage’s that are simply impossible to obtain. Now it’s time for a captive discussion.

Home & Auto Insurance

Home and Auto Insurance

Getting the cheapest auto policy that will pay $600 for your stolen $5,000 Mark Levinson Surround Sound system combination might not be what you had in mind. Discovering that your home policy underinsures you by $500,000 after a brush fire might not cheer you up very much after a total loss. There is a much better way.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance is a critical coverage as most Group Health plans have little or no out of network or out of Country Benefits. We can solve this for you. As well, we can provide foreign travelers and Diplomats residing in the USA with some great Medical Coverage. Quote yourself online in thirty seconds, it’s easy!


Group Health Insurance

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