If an Asteroid Strikes Earth…

…Am I Covered?

Being down the street from Universal, Disney Corporation and Warner Brothers means that we have a lot of customers with great imaginations and real concerns.  For our clients in Studio City, Sherman Oaks and Encino (Los Angeles and anywhere else), we have the answers you need.

YES!  An asteroid is fairly classified as a falling object and as long as it first crushes your roof or walls when it hits, you are covered for both the structure and all of your contents.  That is not just the actual asteroid, the impact shockwave will also count {doctrine of “proximate cause”}.  So, your backyard BBQ and patio furniture are not going to be covered, but everything within your home is.  Just in case you think that falling objects never happen – they do, all the time.   We had a brand new BMW cut in half recently when a wheel dropped off of a 747 at LAX.  Other things happen all the time.

Trees are falling on homes repeatedly.  This is why insurance companies often demand cut backs on overhanging trees or get off the risk.

And, a personal favorite shot, more airplane parts with a turbine engine taking the plunge:

I have always wondered what happened to that plane.  One of the more bizarre falling object stories was a falling man.  Apparently stowed away in the wheel well of a 747 flying an international route, his body fell out on landing approach when the pilot dropped the wheels.  At forty-five below zero and a 38,000 foot cruising flight altitude the man was almost certainly dead from both exposure and oxygen starvation.  In the meantime he fell onto a shop and until the police figured out what happened this was treated as a very strange murder.  There have been a number of other cases where bodies have fallen from the sky.

So, there we have it.  Our policies will provide a lot of coverage, and tailored correctly we can look after you and your family.  We look forward to helping you with a Zombie Apocalypse, or your next escrow or policy review.

Hopefully without being hit by an Asteroid.

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